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When it comes to AirHitch, a system for getting cheap standby seats on international flights, the hyphen makes all the difference. Because there are two AirHitches--AirHitch and Air-hitch Air Travel Solutions. Both claim to be the real thing, and both are dedicated to getting people onto airplanes, but that's about all that have in common.
If you're suffering through the oppressive heat and humidity right now, you may find yourself thinking that August, not April, is the cruelest month. And if the weather isn't enough for you to consider a getaway, how about a deal on Europeans hotels to justify a brief escape?
The price war on packages to Asia seems to be heating up, with almost all operators cutting prices in an attempt to stay competitive, making it a great time for would-be travelers to book some outstanding packages at a more than reasonable rate. In that spirit, the folks at Go-Today.com have outdone themselves again, this time offering air and five nights in Beijing from just $499.
Fall sales for U.S. routes are in full swing, and now that discount airlines such as AirTran, Spirit and JetBlue have set the pace, the majors are fighting back with low fares of their own. Sascha Segan gives you the complete details.
Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days wane as December approaches. Winter's coming, and there's nothing you can do about it, right? Wrong. Hop on a plane to New Zealand, and you'll zip straight through winter and into spring.
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Reader's Voice
From Margo Kelley: "I recently travelled to Alaska and had the arrangements made through Ask Alaska (alaska Advantures). I prepaid for my trip and Ask Alaska issued me vouchers, which I was supposed to give to each vendor along the way. When I arrived in Alaska, many of the vendors would not accept my vouchers because they said they had not been paid by Ask Alaska. I ended up having to pay TWICE for many portions of my trip ending up with Ask Alaska owing me $1,301. They promised they would reimburse my credit card but never did."
From FLSunshine: "Can't say enough good things about EWaterways. Sharon Fleming arranged all our needs aboard the Nymphea for a week cruise on the River Cher. Although the barge had only 3 cabins for 6 people, there were only 4 of us."
From Willy Wilson: "Looks like the last time they did any decorating was in the early 1970s. Beware of this place! It's riding on its reputation in a major way. I am paying a 'discount' rate of $200 per night. It's worth, at best, half that. Frommer's, you really gave me a bum steer on this place."
From Jason Jucaban: "I'm 18 years old, and I have a 15 year old brother. I'm wondering about what activities we could do on our trip to Nassau. Thanx!"
From Laura R.: "My daughter-in-law is planning on flying from NYC to South Africa (where she is from) in December with her 2 and 3-year old daughters. She did not buy a seat for the 2-year old, due to finances and has been assured that there will be an extra open seat on that flight. She is planning to buy that sit-and-stroll thing. It's an 18-hour flight and I'm concerned. Any tips for how to keep toddlers happy and behaved during such a long trip? I tried to talk her out of it, but she has not been home for 4 years, and she's determined to go."

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