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Providing travelers with European travel deals that include airfare and lengthy two weeks or more accommodations in comfortable vacation rental apartments or rural farmhouses at European travel hot spots, Untour vacation packages are travel the way it should be -- inexpensive, easy, laid back and so relaxing you could literally sleep the time away.
In June, Singapore Airlines introduced its fleet of state-of-the-art Airbus A340-500 long-range aircrafts to service the Newark to Singapore route. This 18 hour non-stop flight is now the longest commercial international flight available. You may be thinking how could anyone spend 18 hours on a plane without a break?
Vegas may claim to all the glitz when you think of a gambling town, but Reno more than makes up for it with easy access to Lake Tahoe and a variety of sports related activities.
You can lie on the beach soaking up rays and staying dry, or you can learn how to surf; during which you'll probably be in the water more than you'll be on it. Either way, the resorts on Costa Rica's Pacific coastline are marvelous places to while away your vacation.
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From Holly Eichman: "I just happen to have experienced the best vacation due in part because of Band of America and want to share this information. I read a lot of discussions about managing money on vacations from this board. This summer I spent 5 weeks exclusively in the UK but did go all over England, Wales and Scotland. I used TWO cards for the entire trip ~ BofA ATM card and BofA VISA card. It was the best set up for accessing cash and making payments of any kind."
From Richard Hudson: "I just returned from the Amazon and, in route, spent time in both Bogot¿ and Leticia, Columbia. With all the State Department warnings, I had expected Bogot¿ to be a foreboding place with machine gun-toting police on every corner. Instead, I found it not unlike most large cities in America. I never felt threatened, and I saw only one or two heavily armed officers. People go about their business and, by leaving off my camera; I felt I blended right in. The prices are great, and portions of the city are as modern as you'll find anywhere. Locals tell me that the kidnappings are directed at political foes and millionaires and are not random acts of violence. Leticia isn't a pretty place, but it is quaint, safe, and friendly. It would make an excellent 6 or 8 hour port stop if you are traveling the Amazon past the southern tip of Columbia."
From Terry Schoen: "My psychologist wife & I are staying as guests at a fellow psychologist's home near Oxford for three nights very soon. We do not know our hosts well enough to give them something specific to their tastes, therefore I am asking for advice on what we could give them to show our appreciation. We can't think of anything made locally that would be appropriate, however, is there anything uniquely American that anyone would recommend as a thank you present? What would a British couple value? Thanks!
From Sean McGettigan: "Just got back from our first trip to Aruba! Just wanted to give you all some a heads up about some of the places we visited in Aruba."
From Cindy Musgrove: "I am extending a business trip and staying over for the weekend the second week in September. With only one full day to see Montreal, I am wondering what I should make sure not to miss! I will be staying at the Hotel InterContinental Montr¿al since my company is footing the bill based on how much airfare I saved them by staying! What is the weather like in September?"

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