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From buffalo -- Bills and bison -- to river rafting, Cody opens the door to Wyoming's past and its wide range of activities.
Listen to find out why adventure travelers and nature lovers are flocking to South Africa and Zambia's Victoria Falls to satisfy their thirst for outdoor thrills.
Trying to budget your next trip? Find out what a beer costs in Bhutan, how much you'll pay for a room in Wales, and more essential money matters in our monthly column devoted to the strength of the dollar.
Guidebook legend Arthur Frommer tells you what you need to know to make your next trip cheaper, better, and more memorable.
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From JoKo: "A day after suffering through our return flight on an American Airline 757 from Shannon, this article popped up in the Sunday NYT and made me want to warn folks about this new trend in air travel of flying on a small 757."
From kilimanjaro: "Does anyone have a recommendation on companies and if so what was good and what would you change about your trip?"
From annilow: "I flew Continental from Jacksonville to Geneva via Newark. Aside from a delay due to air traffic getting out of Newark the flight was uneventful and pleasant."
From dorism6220: "Can anyone recommend a kayaking company around Hoover Dam? We're thinking of doing this on our next trip."
From bates: "Three friends and I stayed at a modest cottage we found online that was a quick drive to Cemetary Beach."

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