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New Photo Gallery: See and share pictures in our Best of China gallery.
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In this week's roundup get in on OpenSkies' last flights between New York and Amsterdam, continue saving on flights from Asiana, and find cross-continent deals from Virgin.
What's the best trail for you and your family? That's a question only you can answer, but let me toss out some options that cover a wide range of abilities and landscapes.
The budget airline's CEO loves to get attention for whatever his latest fee is. How should travelers respond?
At the most popular destination in Virginia, a family can pack an awful lot of fun into three or four days around Williamsburg.
For this week's visit to CNN, Pauline Frommer has the details on how to travel to New Zealand on the cheap.
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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
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Reader's Voice
From TRVLCHICK: "I will be heading that way in October. Any safety issues with the climb and or 'kissing the Stone'?"
From Dawn: "I'm planning a trip in late September to Reykjavik and Akureyi. I am wanting to hit all the highlights, especially the waterfalls, but I am having trouble finding a day tour or a bus route that will take me to Dettifoss."
From KCMiller: "I'm traveling to Oahu in October, and several people have strongly suggested the 'Navy Tour' of Pearl Harbor, insisting that this is different thant the 'regular' tour."
From Karen Ellis: "My husband and I are looking for the best dolphin swim program to celebrate my 50th birthday - Bahamas, Mexico, Florida?"
From jtailor: "We're staying in the French Quarter, but rented a car on Saturday to do some sightseeing all day. We're having a hard time finding some suggested 'self-guided driving' routes to follow."

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