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Instead of opening new resorts and restaurants, many islands of The Bahamas spent a good part of 2005 recovering from massive hurricane damage in 2004. By the time of your visit, all the properties should be up and running again at peak capacity -- that is, unless another fierce hurricane strikes, which is always a possibility in the autumn season.
Peace has brought consistency and with it a reliable tourism industry rich in offerings. This fall and winter, warm your bones with borscht, cold vodka, a walk through the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Petersburg, Lenin's Tomb and other attractions around the former Soviet Union
Travelers who are looking for something to put in their travel brag book, an excuse to buy that super expensive underwater camera, or just an opportunity to face their fears, I strongly recommend a dip with the beasts of the deep.
A new craze has hit the pre- and post-natal travel industry. Defined as a romantic getaway or quiet time spent together by expectant parents or parents and their new-born babies, say hello to the Babymoon.
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From rox_s: "I'm looking for some interactive, hands-on historical/archaelogical tours out there where my husband and I can do something unique while on holiday."
From sharonov: "I want to thank everyone so much for giving me tips to make our 8 day trip so enjoyable!"
From Erin Koshi: "Does anyone have a suggestion as far as winery tours? We will be staying in Christchurch so somewhere around that are would be nice, but if there is a must go winery, then any suggestions would be helpful."
From Bandman: "We will be staying 5 nights in Tuscany in September. Has anyone had any experience biking there?"
From Jackie Burchill: "I just wanted to let everyone know that the Holiday Inn Phi Phi has not been affected by the Tsunami, apart from lack of tourists."

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