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Something is wrong with Lynn Seehafer's SUV, which she valet parked at a Disney World hotel. She thinks it's been taken for a joyride. But has it? And to what extent is Disney responsible for the vehicle?
Though scorned lovers and fired workers would disagree, I find starting anything harder than finishing it. And that includes my presence here as guest blogger, created to capture some impressions of this Goliath will o' the wisp, this massive but ephemeral moment that I'm currently part of: The Beijing Olympics.
Greetings from the good ol' U S of A! I'm back in the States, this time in New York City. The flight from Dusseldorf to New York was easy; immigration was not.
Here's a down-and-dirty list of musts for a fun-pack jaunt to Sin City with your favorite band of broads.
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Tianamen Square in Beijing
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Reader's Voice
From juells3: "I'm looking for suggestions and tips on when and where to see the Aurora Borealis in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I would like to plan a vacation for August or September. Pet friendly lodgings would be ideal.
From rswart: "We are planning a trip to Alaska in August 2008, and I was wondering who has stayed at the Mckinley Chalet Resort in Denali? I get mixed reviews from different websites and wanted someone's opinion if they have stayed there."
From monkeymel: "We are planning on visiting some of the baths in Budapest and I was wondering what the attire is if anything special? Can I wear a bikini or is a one-piece recommended? Also from what I have read they are not co-ed. I will be traveling with my boyfriend to Budapest so would we both just go our separate ways?"
From windwalk: "We will be spending a month in Asia and are looking into buying the Discovery Pass to use for flights between Chiang Mai and Laos, Laos and Hanoi and Siem Reap and Bangkok. Does anyone have experience using the Discovery Pass?"
From hoonga: "My boyfriend and I are looking to find the best deal on a dive package to Bonaire. We live in New York City and want to spend 5-7 days there. We're willing to travel on any day of the week and looking at either late September or the first few weeks of October. We want a package that includes the flight, lodgings, and a car rental since we plan on doing mostly shore diving."

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