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Summer and early fall visitors to Orlando and Florida are a different breed from those who fly down in the cold months. Winter travelers are frantic to escape the cold and rush around to take in everything during a short stay. Those who visit in warm weather generally have more time, or are sensible enough to know they shouldn't spin their wheels too fast during hot weather. In short, summer is more laid back, and that makes for a different crowd, especially when you're at a theme park.
In addition to New York escape packages we wrote about recently, the Loews hotel chain is offering relief to New Yorkers seeking to get out of town while the RNC clogs the streets of mid-Manhattan and neighboring cities offer reasons to get outta town.
Fall is the perfect season to visit Europe, with mild days and cool nights, fewer tourists and lower prices on everything from airfares to accommodation. It's not too late to plan that Fall getaway and, with these deals, it won't break the budget or put you out of touch.
Fall foliage is big business in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. In New York, the changing of the leaves makes fall the state's second largest tourism season behind summer. September through November accounts for almost a quarter of the state's yearly total of tourism dollars. That's no joke.
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From Linda Crottin: "When I book a hotel on Travelocity, Expedia or similar websites, sometimes the lowest rate offered is the corporate rate. I always wonder if I can simply book that rate or if it's only for people who work for companies with special deals with the hotel. Will they ask me for corporate ID? Can I simply show my work ID if they do? If my company doesn't have a deal with them, will they want me to pay a higher rate? Or is just something I can book and no questions will be asked? What have others experienced?"
From Louise Kennedy: "I was searching the prices for an upcoming vacation, flying into Minneapolis and needing a rental car. The prices I was finding were higher than the ones I found for my trip to Los Angeles. A mid-sized car was running close to $150 for a week before taxes. I checked on full sized and couldn't believe the price I saw of under $77! This has to be some kind of screw up right? Anyway, I moved fast and booked it. The grand total with all taxes comes to $127.13 with unlimited mileage. Tonight I am a happy camper, but does anybody know if when I get there to pick up my car there's a chance they'll try not to give me this price? I booked it directly with the car rental company, which is Dollar."
From wildreddeb: "What is your favorite website for info on Australia? Below are ones I use frequently for tours, regional info, calendars, etc for Melbourne. Enjoy! Deb"
From linda crottin: "I'd like to visit the New England states, but I do not drive. Every guidebook I look at seems to assume that the reader will be driving which makes me wonder if it would be a mistake to attempt it otherwise. I realize that I would probably be restricted to the larger towns which would be fine for a first visit. Perhaps in the future I can revisit when I have a driving companion available. I'm thinking of Boston, Providence, Portland and a few others. Can someone suggest some other places I should visit that I could get to on trains or buses?"
From garyrbeck: "Does anyone have a favorite restaurant in Puerto Vallarta? I would love to read your thoughts, describing meal choices, prices, locations, why you like this place so much. Food is a wonderful subject of discussion and this town is teeming with it!"

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