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Charis Atlas Heelan highlights the most vibrant festivals in North America this fall including seafood, hot air balloons, wine and much more.
Scandinavia, Europe's Northern territory, continues to enchant visitors with an ancient history steeped in Viking mythology, endless white nights, cosmopolitan cities that reach back centuries, and a scantly populated countryside rich in fjords and natural wonders.
We've collected our favorite sites from across the "Internets" that we use when planning our trips (or for when we just want a good read). We're sure you'll recognize a few, but we think you'll be just as surprised by others.
When touring Poland and some of its northern neighbors, it seems the past is closer to you than in other, more Western, parts of Europe.
George Hobica reports on two major sales from United, a two-day Atlanta sale, discounted fares to New Zealand, an Alaska Airlines sale and more!
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Oslo, Norway
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Reader's Voice
From M Hynes: "My wife and I spent one of the best vacations we've had in many years while visiting three different tourist regions in Quebec."
From hazellorea: "My husband and I are traveling to Australia and will have at least four hour layovers in L.A. and Melbourne."
From gizzymo: "Is bear viewing available in June from Homer? I am planning to visit Denali, Barrow as well as cruise from Vancouver."
From deantrans: "I get newsletter updates from Southwest Airlines. Today, they featured a sale to and from Florida saying travelers can book now and fly 14 days from now at great prices."
From nyc girl: "I was wondering if anyone could tell me about Pompeii. I will be staying in Amalfi for a week and one of the places my friend wants to visit is Pompeii. What is it like?"

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