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Ski season, already? No, but if fall fashion is filling out the mannequins at your favorite clothing boutique and pre-season football is on the boob tube, then you know fall and winter are right around the corner. Ergo, it should be little surprise that travel operators and ski areas are touting their wares for the coming season by offering early bookers the chance at some solid travel deals.
The Florida deals just keep flying in through our open door, and under the door when it's closed, even. With tourism booming again, developers keep on building new resorts and condos, lowering prices in luxury hotels and dreaming up new bargains.
As we begin the shift into autumn, now's the time to consider a leisurely driving tour through Europe. Europeans and Americans both will be finished with their August holidays, thus the more-scenic backroads are less crowded. We've discovered some nifty bargains for fly and drive packages, decent straightforward rentals and affordable long-term leasing options.
Chock full of throngs of visitors during the peak summer months, our national parks may offer better weather, but they also charge higher prices for accommodations. Consider these lodgings during the fall and winter -- you can save considerably on your stay, plus you'll feel like you have the whole place practically to yourself.
The RNC has taken over Madison Sq. Garden, so NYC's WMNBA team is temporarily relocating to one of the city's theatrical gems.
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Reader's Voice
From Orion Wood: "This is the account of our 10 days in Costa Rica. We flew from San Francisco via Washington Dulles to San Jose. Our daughter flew from San Francisco via Los Angeles to San Jose."
From D Snider: "I just saw this on Air Tahiti Nui's website. This is only good for leaving Los Angeles on Aug 26th and returning Sept 2nd. I wish I could take the time off, if you go be sure to post a trip report so we can all live vicariously through you."
From kash02: "Well, after about a half dozen trips to Paris, it's finally happened. I used to hear from people how rude the parisians were but it had never happened to me in any substantial way, or in any way I really cared about. Perhaps it's the political climate, I don't know. But there was definitely a coolness to the parisians this trip. My family and I were in Paris in July and we went to 2 consecutive Brasseries one evening that basically refused to even take our order. We were completely ignored as the locals all around us ordered and were served. We were patient, waited, then asked the waiter(s) to take our order, and still were not waited on."
From Donna Copley: "We will be making our first trip to New Orleans next April for the Women's NCAA Final Four. When we travel to Final Fours, we often will tack on a side-trip to somewhere near the host city. Are there any good beaches in Louisiana? I seem to read about lake swimming alot but I'm having trouble finding info on beaches on the gulf. Thanks!"
From Susan Tate: "My husband, two sons (ages 20 and 17) and I will be visiting Boston in mid-August for 4 days. Is the Go Boston Card worth the money?

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