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For the absolutely least expensive trips to Spain available right this moment, you have a lot to choose from.
Slovak Republic is the country's official name, but most people call it Slovakia. The country's largest city and capital is Bratislava, which is where I am now. This is the second stop of my four-country jaunt through Central/Eastern Europe.
Charis Atlas Heelan highlights the most exciting festivals happening abroad this fall including beer, music, horse-racing and much more.
Known as "The Island of the Gods," thanks to its estimated 20,000 temples and shrines, Bali offers travelers a balance of classic tourism offerings and real cultural gems.
George Hobica reports on new security procedures after terror plot, airfare deals to Mexico, London, Charlotte and Scandinavia, Spirit's sale and more.
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Reader's Voice
From lois_hall: "My husband and I just returned from the two week Alaskan loop trip with Green Tortoise."
From shenn7: "I am planning to visit Phuket in September. I plan to do some snorkeling but would really like to see a bit of the countryside."
From leaving tomorrow: "I have read on various posts about 4 digit pin codes. Do European machines only allow up to 4 digits or can the code be more?"
From Kathy Kapes: "Is it better to drive Montanas Going to the Sun Road from St. Mary's west to Glacier, or in the opposite direction?"
From M. Bickelmann: "My husband and I had a trip scheduled to Israel for September. With the present situation in Israel, we asked Air France to postpone our tickets."

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