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In this week's round-up of special offers, escape to Rome for six nights, have a getaway in New York or Maine, or choose from two other deals at destinations around the world.
When our reader can't get through a blockade to his hotel, a manager promises to "help" him cancel the reservation. It isn't, and his credit card is still charged $113. What can he do?
A Continental flight stuck on the tarmac in Minnesota may finally get a Passenger Bill of Rights passed in Washington, D.C.
For sheer urban energy, you can't beat Tokyo -- densely populated, affluent, juiced up with a thirst for whatever's new. When everyone lives in such tiny apartments, what else can you do but live life intensely in public places?
From modern art in Rio to tons of gold in Bogota to artifacts of the Inca in Peru, here's where you'll find South America's treasures
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Reader's Voice
From zorra: "My husband and I love the beach and would enjoy a vacation consisting mostly of walking or relaxing on a quiet beach and eating well-prepared local seafood."
From hoboannie: "I'm planning a solo trip to NZ in March 2010. After taking a look at the train routes and discovering the 14 day pass that is available, I think I'd like to arrive in Auckland and take the train to Wellington."
From vkaren: "I am checking into tours within China. United Vacations currently has a 'Best of China' tour available through Majestic Vacations. Does anyone have any experience traveling with this tour group?"
From giramondo: "I was thinking of spending three nights in Halifax, two in Cape Breton and three in PEI. Does this seem like a good plan? Any hotel ideas that are not too expensive, less than $150 U.S. a night, would be appreciated."
From AZED: "We have been coming to the Mirage for about 15 years and from our perspective we were very disappointed at the change in themes."

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