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You can book yourself as host for all those relatives, spending hours on a huge traditional feast that'll be scarfed down in less time than it takes to open a box of stuffing; or you can treat yourself to an untraditional vacation in a foreign locale. You've got the extra days off, and the prices are right.
Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan might not be actual gods, but here in the good ole' U.S.A. they're as close as you can get. This summer, to celebrate nothing but life itself, the two are touring together to play 22 minor league baseball parks nationwide. The concert series just started, kicked off in Cooperstown on August 6, 2004. Here are the dates and locations for the entire tour.
The 8th annual New York International Fringe Festival, a gathering of talented, wacky and wild theater groups, performers, actors, emerging ensemble casts and avant-garde dance troops roll into town to happily turn New York's East Village and the Off-Off-Off Broadway scene on its head.
We just can't get enough of "Lost Wages," and, apparently, neither can anyone else. Nearly 17million people visited last year alone, making it one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world. I just returned from there, and, despite the 107¿ heat, vacationers were having the times of their lives -- mainly staying indoors for gaming, glitzy shows and celeb spotting.
As usual, we've round up the best deals and specials currently available from major travel agencies.
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From Melissa Bleiler: "With so many choices out there and so many targeted populations, I'm wondering if I can hear back from people who have a magazine subscription that gives them ideas on new places to visit - for any and all ages. I'm not looking for a mag that reports on fancy resorts or canned vacations - I'd rather prefer one that spotlights destinations off the beaten track (preferably outside of the U.S.). One with good pictures and that gives an idea of what there is to do in that location. Does anyone have a subscription they'd recommend?"
From Michel Laflamme: "My wife and I just came back from a 1-week trip in AC. It cost us over $25 in tolls (roads and bridges) for us Canadians to get there and go to Cape May, something nearly unheard of in Canada. In other words, we don't charge our tourist friends to come over and visit us; as well, we provide many activities which are free of charge. We were shocked in finding out that casinos were charging $4-5 dollars per day for parking, again something unheard of in Canada's casinos which offer free parking."
From Zack Bruce: "I just got back from the most amazing trip to Mexico City. I had friends there who showed me around to the hot clubs & restaurants. It was really cool to go and not do the tourist thing."
From lemondropgirl411: "I just recently returned from a trip to London & Paris. I brought two pairs of shoes, Ecco sandals and Dansko sandals (the 'molly' model). I wore the Danskos every day except one and never had a problem. None! No blisters, nothing, and I walked everywhere. It felt like I was walking on pillows, they are so comfy! The one day I wore my Ecco sandals, my feet were so achey and tired by the end of the day, I wanted to cut my feet off. Running in my Dansko sandals was not a problem, either (if I was trying to catch a train, for example). Dansko, the molly sandal, is the best shoe in the world!"
From Dennis Coleman: "We just got back from 3 weeks in Holland, and I wanted to discuss my experiences."

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