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Summer is the time that folks in the Frommer's office start staring giddily at the windows, the wanderlust slowly rising with the temperature (and the humidity!). If, like us, summer inspires you to release your inner Jack Kerouac, it's time to think about hittin' the road.
Historically, California has enjoyed the lion's share of wine, accounting for nearly 90 percent of the US production. Many states are establishing new wineries as we speak, eager to show off the wine -- and the region's -- intrinsic beauty.
Some say Portugal is one giant fishing village. Covering the Western shores of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal slithers down the coastline. A people known for ingenuity, Portugal is a country blessed with shipbuilding, colonial conquest, unique architecture, great culinary treats, artistic history and a vacation heaven known for inexpensive hotels and beautiful seaside cliffs.
Let the feathers fly, the frills flow and the sequins shine -- it's Carnaval time! If you're thinking about going to Carnaval in Rio next year, you'd better get your dancing shoes on.
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From figgpen : "My wife and I are trying to plan a 10-day trip to San Francisco, the wine country and a third place around October 20. Any travel suggestions?"
From mikelevin : "When my wife and I planned our trip to Peru, a friend recommended Cesar Dominguez, a Peru local who would help us book our travel completely."
From wlbox: "We are in the early stages of planning a trip to China with a tour company. We are in our late 40s. So many choices of companies and tours."
From Donna Cuervo : "I used a digital camera for the first time on a recent trip. I was just wondering what people generally do with the photos and how they save them."
From sea monkey: "My wife and I are planning a trip for april 2006 to either couples negril or aruba. To be honest, I have heard mixed things regarding negril. "

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