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Smart puppies know good deals when they see them, such as these current specials for Big Apple lodgings.
Next month provides an exciting opportunity for international festivals. From some of the most famous like Oktoberfest in Munich to the more obscure Indra Jatra in Nepal, it's certainly a time when traveling will give you the opportunity to experience rich and diverse cultural traditions.
Turkey and Greece share the gorgeous Mediterranean and Aegean seas: marvelous coastlines, little islands dotted with sandy beaches, whitewashed villages, and hospitable peoples. It's the best time to plan for autumn travel to either country -- both.
Adding a new chapter to its fat book of offerings, Go Today, has just introduced it's a line of air-inclusive escorted tours for European travel. Up until now, they've provided marvelously priced packages that include airfare and hotels. Now they'll throw you on a bus and show you around das well with these four escorted tours, with prices starting as low as $599 out of New York.
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From Elinor Rosen: "Seven of us just returned from a wonderful 11 days in Ireland. We rented a house in Tarbert for 7 days, and I can highly recommend it. The house was beautifully furnished and quite reasonable. We had rented a 9-passenger van at Shannon airport, and my son was the driver. We had no trouble with the driving."
From Tom Christensen: "Before noon last Saturday I called a Comfort Inn we were planning on staying at (I had a negotiated rate so I wanted to use them) and confirmed a room for two people for two nights. I was given a confirmation number and everything seemed set. When we arrived at the hotel, much to our dismay they told me they had overbooked and would have to put us up in a different hotel. I was told Comfort Inn would pay for a room at a Quality inn and except for some inconvenience and having to drive about 5 miles to another hotel it was not too bad. The bad part was that they would not put me up the two nights in this new hotel. It was explained that the Comfort Inn had openings the second night and I would have to return to the Comfort Inn on the second night. So we checked in at the Quality Inn and unpacked and then packed up the next morning and checked out and returned to the Comfort Inn for the second night. It reminded me of getting bumped by an airline but no compensation for our inconvenience. Has anyone ever experienced this?"
From bert chase: "I am confused. I am told that tipping your tour guide in China is a no no in the Frommer's Guide, yet Pacific Delights tells me that we should tip the various tour guides. Does anyone know what the proper thing is to do?"
From Super Dor: "I'm lucky enought to be going on a week long ski trip for New Years this year, and would love to take my skis. I am unsure as to the best way to transport them on a cross country flight from NY to CA - having never done anything like this in the past. Any advice?"
From taylor t: "Hi! We're a couple in our late 20's planning to visit the carribean for a week next month. We're looking for great beaches, rainforest , fun outdoor activities, and an adequate nightlife. Where do you recommend and is island hopping recommended? How many days would it take to see and experience the whole island?"

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