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From Key West to Jamaica to Bermuda to Belize, where there is water, there are dive and snorkeling trips. Exploring the waterways of the world has become big business for a good reason.
George Hobica reports on the latest carry on rules, sales from JetBlue and Airtran, an AA sale to Japan and more!
Portugal is a pint-sized destination that packs plenty of punch. This small Iberian neighbor of Spain is actually a jewel in the coastline offering visitors a glimpse of European life with a laid-back atmosphere.
"It's the same, but different," some Canadians say when attempting to explain their country to American visitors. That's true, of course, but you can say the same about Alberta regarding the rest of Canada-it, too, is "the same, but different."
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From rhillego: "Should we pre-purchase Euros before we leave home? Is it easy/expensive to purchase them in Italy?"
From Gard Karlsen: "Do you remember your first trip to a foreign country and a different culture? What do you remember best from this trip?"
From sylooney: "Okay - so my parents are planning a vacation to Hawaii. They have never gone on a vacation anywhere and I want to make sure it is perfect for them."
From Leapfrog: "We're considering traveling around Malaysia by car - self drive. Does anyone have experience hiring a car and driving around?"
From: karen sanders: "Hi, I'm travelling to CR in one week for 10 days. We'll be travelling a lot during that time and am trying to pack light."

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