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Editor's Note
New Gallery: Best of Greece: From ancient sites to island splendors, Greece offers a mix history and leisure that's just waiting to be exploited by photographers.
Deals and News
This week's smart deal is offered by Sceptre Tours and starts from $699 for air and lodging. What's the catch? You pretty much have to head to the airport right now.
You may know the basics to getting lower fares on your flights, but Airfarewatchdog.com has gathered some additional advice that will save you money next time you're shopping for a plane ride.
Airlines will be charging in the mid-$500s for flights to major European destinations in September and October.
Whether you're staying in one of French Polynesia's water-side resorts or cheaper digs inland, you're still well-positioned for relaxing afternoons and picture-postcard-worthy photographs on one of the region's stunning beaches.
It's hard not to love a city that has one of the finest collections of Impressionist artwork and the world's best fried meat sandwich.
Reader's Voice
From K.J.: "We are looking for campgrounds that do not service RV's and also might be a bit more rugged than a usual campground with designated sites."
From TardyKat: "Has anyone ever taken the water taxi to Klein Bonaire on your own without going through the cruise line's excursions? We're going to be the only ship at port so the chances of the cruise ship reserving all the water taxis would be slim. Has anyone ever used tour operators for snorkel trips?"
From kctcrn: "We will probably rent a car and drive outside of London but we do enjoy walking around and getting as much history and local atmosphere as we can absorb."
From byoung2: "We are trying to put together a trip in early/mid February 2010 to include touring Rio de Janeiro, San Paulo, Salvador, Iguazu Falls and Pantanal plus about three days of Carnival, which is February 13-15."
From michelvis8: "We do not want to do a tour package, but we are a bit overwhelmed with all the options. We want to do a luxury safari, but don't want to spend more than $800 per night (per person)."

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