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Oktoberfest a.k.a. Beerfest, is arguably Europe's biggest annual party, attracting nearly six million people. The 172-year-old free event actually starts in September, the 17 in Munich and ends October 3.
Filled with great stories, a friendly demeanor, and a laid-back slow-paced attitude, Jamaica is like the wise old man of the Caribbean. But this wise old man has a wild streak, and superb musical taste. From sitting around getting foot massages drinking Red Stripes on the beach to spending nights cruising the reggae clubs to remote inland resorts where unreachable means unreachable, Jamaica remains one of the Western hemispheres top-rated, diverse and most scenic vacation destinations.
Come and discover the historical melting pot that is Istanbul -- the gateway to Turkey, with its pagan roots, Christian heritage, Islamic past and relatively secular present. Fall and winter make exceptional seasons to visit this ancient land. Tourist numbers drop and so do the prices on everything from airfares to hotel accommodations
We had high hopes this summer for low fares on Amtrak, but it turns out the railroad has been ratcheting back its discounts for single travelers, while still allowing savings of up to 90% for families and groups. We tore through Amtrak's list of discount codes to find you the best ones for August and September.
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Reader's Voice
From drgretch: "We will be going to Ireland for a wedding in Mid-October 2005. We need a place to spend our last night, preferably near Shannon Airport."
From sisu: "I live in central NC and want to start motor trips with my dog. Need help with pet friendly hotels or B&Bs."
From misty: "A friend and I are going to Frankfurt in the middle of Oct. I need to know where are the best tourist places and some good places to go for our night on the town."
From jaglidden: "We will be touring Turkey for 14 days in Febuary 2006. We were wondering if any of you have information regarding - being able to take a boatand/or cruise out of Istanbul to Greece for a day???"
From sharkdiver: "For any dive adventure seekers out there these dive operations offer cage diving with Great White sharks out of San Diego, California."

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