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Here's the latest grab bag of super values, with a starting price of just over $83 per person per night, including airfare from the USA.
Are the stars in the right position for low airfares? No, it's just mid-August, and all the major airlines are trying to drum up business for fall with sale after sale.
The folks at Friendly Planet say they haven't seen prices to Egypt as low as this -- from $899 per person -- in the 22 years they've been operating tours there.
Coloradans are used to high airfares, so many travelers in the Denver area must have been thrilled when they saw the latest promotions from United and Frontier. Unfortunately, when we dug into these sales, we found that they're not necessarily the best deals. Low fares are indeed available from Denver right now -- but not exclusively from the two airlines trumpeting their bargains.
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From sewong: "Does anybody know whether it is OK or effective to go to a car rental agency by taxi to pick up a car to avoid paying the high airpoet taxes?"
From Kevin Butler: "I'm going to New Orleans next year and I'm a little nervous about the seating space on the airlines. I'm 6'4" and 360lbs, I know I'm going to request the front row because of my height, but I'm really worried about the width. I know some airlines are making people pay for another seat and I don't want to get surprised when I try to board. Is there a specific airline that tend to give more seat width?"
From Diane G: "I'm looking for the best brew pubs in Canada. They can definitely be well worth seeking out when I'm travelling. So, in your opinion, which are the best and which of their beers are your faves?"
From cyd read: "Hey everyone, we just returned from Glacier National Park. We made it out just in time (right before the fires really got bad)! Luckily, most of our hiking was unaffected by the fires. The only time smoke was an issue was on our hike to Iceberg Lake. The sky turned a weird yellowish color while hiking, and as the sun set it became an eerie red ball behind a curtain of smoke...kinda creepy."
From Eric Smith: "Has anyone used "Escapes Unlimited" travel company in the past? I am planning a trip to Bali, and they accept only cash, which makes me a little skeptical. Any information on this company would be beneficial."
From Gerald S. Rose: "We were posted to South Africa 1983-87 and had the wonderful experience of doing MalaMala, Londolozi, Sabi Sabi and Krueger Park. We went back last year and did Kirkman's Kamp (a part of the MalaMala operation --but less expensxive). We have also experienced a Kenya safari. Nothing in the world compares to a safari in the private parks of the Sabi Sands. Seeing the 'Big Five' up close and personal is a life altering experience."

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