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Set your sights on a San Francisco getaway and chances are you'll get a vacation full of great food, fine wine, credit card damaging shopping, cultural enlightenment and the inevitable sore calf muscles from all that walking up steep hills. There are also a few deals out there to help ease the financial burden.
Listen in while author Pauline Frommer and host David Lytle discuss the insider's New York City.
Gr|_ Gott from Vienna! Austria is the third stop of my four-country jaunt through Central & Eastern Europe. I'm touring with my childhood friends Matt and Mike on a very special trip.
In step with the resorts, travel providers are coming out with early bird ski specials with booking discounts and continuous listings of participating ski resorts offering savings.
white. We've rounded up the best offers still available for an end-of-summer getaway.
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From dflickin: "Would somebody please tell me when travel insurance does pay out? My family and I had to cancel a recent vacation due to one of our parties having to have emergency surgery. After asking for more and more information, Access America denied the claim due to linking it to a "pre-existing" condition -- something that I never thought they would in this particular case. It's as if they keep looking and looking until they find a reason to deny the claim."
From bunnyburkart: "I think of myself as thrifty -- shoot, I may even be tight -- you be the judge. I'm frequently put out on various tours when you pay a stated amount for the 'all-inclusive tour' and end up spending a significant amount above and beyond. At the present I'm looking at a six-day sailing trip which runs close to $3,000 (not including air) carrying 20 passengers, and it is recommended that 'we take an extra $200 to tip the crew.' It just seems like the stated rate should cover everyone's saleries. Where does all that extra money go?"
From cmolina: "I want to go to a really amazing place for our next vacation. I know places like that abound in Asia, so I ask you -- if you only had 2 weeks and you wanted to go back to the best place you've been to in Asia, where would it be? We're on a tight budget, but at the same time, we would prefer not to rough it too much, especially in a place where we don't know the language or the culture. I've been to Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, but too briefly."
From CourtneyMadeiros: "Hi! After all the helpful advice we picked up on this Forum, it seems only fair to let you know how our trip went. We arrived in Dublin on the morning of June 1st, picked up our automatic Honda Civic at Enterprise and a bit jet-lagged, drove with some trepidation to find our hotel."
From RichB: "Hello, I just signed up for the boards here and am anxious to chat with other senior travelers. Have found so many travel companies that cater to seniors, but it seems that they all think we want ultimate luxury and have an endless supply of money. Any sites that cater to seniors that have reasonable prices?"

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