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Fans of the Caribbean should be warmed by several airlines' current sales to the Bahamas this week. Sales to other island getaways are up for grabs as well.
We've got an exhaustive roster of the celebrities, intellectuals, politicos and more who'll be speaking on cruises through 2004. (And you thought it was all glitzy song-and-dance revues, rock-climbing walls, and umbrella-drinks in the hot tub.)
Now's the time to reserve off-season packages to almost anywhere in Europe. But don't dawdle, booking deadlines for the best prices are just around the corner.
From small crafts on European waterways to grand luxe megaships on the high seas, we've got the list for the best available prices for your cruise vacation. Look for discounts for teachers over holiday breaks, special deals for adventure cruises in the Mediterranean (on boats with real sails!) and more.
The deals on Priceline are the bee's knees, the cat's meow, and any other attractive animal parts you can think of. The super-discounter is further pumping up its power with new destinations and new discounts this week.
This month, we'll take a look at one of the leading American small-ship cruise lines, offering both soft-adventure and simple casual cruises for those not inclined toward larger vessels. Plus an exclusive for Frommers.com readers only.
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Reader's Voice
From Margie Cox: "My sister & I went to Egypt on Grand Circle Travel's tour. It was 13 days of absolute wonder! We visited the Cairo Museum and all it's treasures, a Coptic Christian church, a Jewish temple and a Muslem Mosque, the Pyramids & Spinx, and so much more."
From Donna Cuervo: "Does anyone have any interesting experiences to share about travel in Europe during the recent heatwave? I've often found the air conditioning less than generous, so I'm wondering how everyone coped."
From Geoff Lewis: "I recently spent a month backpacking around Europe and encountered a puzzling activity in several large cities (Paris, Rome, etc). Young men approach you and offer to give you three lengths of colored string. When you say you are not interested, they tell you to just take them because they are just for good luck, or something similar. Of course I didn't take anything or get involved, but I don't understand what the purpose is. Is this some kind of scheme?"
From Gary Holt: "Caught wind of a trip to Turkey through Frommer's; $1,895 for 15 days with Pacha Tours. What does this elite and experienced audience suggest for shopping in Istanbul and 'wish I had done's' in Turkey? Any insights you have would be greatly appreciated.
From Luci517: "I am planning a wedding in Puerto Vallarta next February and will be bringing a minimum of 50 guests with us. My fiance and I have only been there once and fell in love with the place -- the problem is that we stayed in the 'old town' area south of the Malecon and never ventured north of the Malecon. I'm a little worried about some of them not loving the old town area as much as we did. Should I have everyone stay in a hotel north of the Malecon instead? Is there anyone familiar with both areas that can fill me in on the differences?"
From Wendy Johnson: "I'd like to hear ideas on sandy beaches on North American lakes with clean water good for swimming. Vacation areas with other things to do are an added bonus."

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