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Yes, New York City can be expensive, but it can also be cheap, cheap, cheap; the wealth of options ensures there's something for everyone, whether that means Thai takeout at midnight or fancy steaks at Delmonico's. The same goes for lodging.
"I now pronounce you 'husband and husband' (or 'wife and wife') takes on a real meaning when you choose to have a wedding in one of the four countries where same-sex marriages are legal. Here's what you need to know to plan your nuptials.
There's another way to see Old Japan and that is by getting off the Tokyo-Kyoto-Nara well traveled path, getting off the main island of Honshu, in fact, and heading west and south.
Miami is hotter than ever, experiencing the most rapid real estate and building boom in North America. And why not? Book your travel early this year and get to Miami before the prices go up and the hordes of tourists arrive for the high season.
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From Katie Lindstrom: "My cousin and I had planned to spend a month in Paris in October, and I had been looking forward to it all year. Now she suddenly wants to go to Buenos Aires instead. She says that it would cost much less to go there instead of Paris, and we'll still have a good time. She was there briefly for business, and her colleagues took her to a lot of nice places. Is cheap enough of a reason to fly for ten hours to visit a city for three weeks?"
From rory: My question of the day: Whatever happened to low-cost standby travel to fill up those empty airline seats? I seem to remember 30 yrs ago one could buy a cheap last-minute standby ticket. And I do remember a few years ago airlines had senior coupon books that allowed last-minute travel on a space-available basis, each coupon (a one-way trip) costing about $150 plus tax. (That price was pre-discount carriers.) With airlines going broke, and scrambling to get every last 'seat dollar,' I wonder why cheapie standby fares don't seem to exist anymore."
From KeetDeeDee: "We just returned from a fabulous weekend in St. Eustatia (Statia). We are reasonably experienced divers, but had never seen such a beautiful, untouched reef to dive. The coral is majestic, the wildlife abundant and diverse. This is the Holy Grail of dive sites for us."
From sgtsoup: "Outside of the big European capitals (London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, etc.), what are some of the more fun places for clubs and music and design? I'm hoping to spend a few days in a smaller or up-and-coming spot next month and would love anyone's advice."
From avrils: "My husband and I are going to Maine in September and are staying near Bangor. We would love to hear about any good and spooky Stephen King sites that are easily accessable and open to the public."

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