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We told you recently about the freebie stay in Fort Lauderdale hotels on September 11 when you pay for a consecutive night. No surprise here that the response was strong.
Hard on the heels of its unprecedented $0 flight tickets to honor September 11, Spirit Airlines is introducing an upgraded coach class of service, starting September 5, 2002.
If you act now, you can enjoy an inexpensive buy-one, get-one-free opportunity with Regal Cruises out of New York. Prices start as low as $848 for the first ticket.
Lying some 30 miles off-shore from Cape Cod, this island of heaths, cranberry bogs and sand is too-oft passed over for more it's faster paced sister, Martha's Vineyard--favorite spot of the Dubya-maligned "wine-swilling crowd."
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From Mavis Corser: "I can't believe all the low life companies rushing to capitalize on September 11th with their special deals. This is not a day to celebrate with trips and hotel stays."
From lonegungirl: "My sister had a ticket on Delta from LAX to OKC with a connection through Salt Lake City. As it happened, a few hours before her flight, there was a security breach at LAX, causing evacuation of the terminals and delays of around 1-2 hrs for flights around her time."
From William Maresca: "On July 18, 2002, my wife and I traveled to Cancun, Mexico on American. The flight was two hours late leaving Atlanta, so we arrived late for our connecting flight in Dallas. No customer service agent was at the gate on arrival."
From K. Sodowsky: "What happens to frequent flyer miles when a carrier files for bankruptcy? I have enough miles in UAL's Mileage Plus program for a Europe ticket, but no current plans for overseas travel."
From Nick O'Neill: "Airline food varies greatly around the world with most of it the mediocre category. Which airline serves the best food in your opinion?"

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