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Every day, the airlines announce new sales, usually on their websites. Some are really good; others not so much. We dig deep to tell you which ones are really worth the mouse clicks and which aren't.
Summer in the great state of Georgia can be stiflingly hot, but soon the cooler evenings of the fall will descend upon Savannah, presenting the perfect opportunity to visit this appealing and romantic destination.
Named by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the Virgin Islands are filled with beautiful beaches skirting along sapphire seas. Even though St. Thomas and St. Croix are busier than the rest, you can still sense a timeless ease across the Virgin Islands, a sense of relaxation and repose. (Why do you think pirates liked it so much? -- The perfect place for a little R&R after all that pillaging and plundering.)
Along Washington's gorgeous Olympic Peninsula, I traveled more than 300 miles for $6 last month. No, I don't have a car that gets 100 miles per gallon: I took the bus. And not grimy Greyhound, either; I rode friendly, convivial little buses with drivers who wanted to know my name and passengers who wanted to share their stories.
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From jrowland: "Besides stopping newpapers, holding mail and setting timers to turn on lights, what else should I consider in preparing my house when going on a two-week vacation out of the country? Thanks!"
From Captain Larry: "Many years ago I was encouraged to eat a lot of yogurt before and during a visit to Egypt, Israel and Jordan as a preventative against intestinal distress. I believe the theory is that the 'good' bacteria from the yogurt will establish in your digestive tract and not be as easily displaced by the bad bacteria you might encounter in the food and beverages. I took the advice and was successful in avoiding any distress. I might have been equally successful without the yogurt. I don't know. What do you think? Do you have any medical or scientific references?"
From diego: "I am an Argentinian who has traveled the country. Of course I cannot answer the questions that a travel agent usually does, but I can share my experience. My experience is, mostly, limited to car and air travel, but I can say some things about bus travel too."
From ala737: "I recently took a red-eye flight and was seated next to a woman who fell asleep and started snoring before the plane even took off. The snoring was extremely loud and fitful, interrupted by occasional coughs and snorts. I normally have no problem sleeping on planes, but found it impossible in this situation. (I have learned my lesson to fly with earplugs from now on.) But my question is, how do you deal with this situation if you do not have earplugs?"
From strghtlines: "Alright, a friend and I are planning on going to Puerto Rico in October/November and don't want to spend much money (I'm talking around $25 a day average). Of course there can be exceptions, but that's our goal. We would be camping and would bring most of our own food, so I'm thinking it's possible. I'm pretty good on living off hardly anything. The BIG problem is getting around. We want to do and see things, but are too young to rent a car -- I'm 20, and he's 21. From what I've read, you pretty much need a car to get around outside of San Juan. Hitchhiking sounds sketchy unless it's with tourists. All we will have is ourselves and two big backpacks. Any advice, or is this just not going to happen?"

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