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It's just not the sight of those gold and carmine hues that make fall what it is. It's also the festivals & the holidays, the smells of apple cider & burning, and that last chance to take a leisurely car trip or a quick flight out of town to a smaller, quieter place.
Sifting through all the deals seems as easy as learning to read hieroglyphics. Let's take a practical look at what's out there and see who beats whom.
The fall and winter can be exhilarating across the continent: the crowds are gone, so you feel like you have the place to yourself; peak-season prices have vanished, so you'll feel less of a pinch in the ol' bankroll; and the weather will assuredly be turning crisper, putting a little nip in your cheeks.
As usual, we've rounded up the best deals and specials currently available from major travel agencies, including transatlantic crossings from $1,399 that include free airfare to Lisbon -- the booking deadline is August 31.
Dreaming of a South African adventure, but always thought it was beyond your reach? Fall (the South African spring) is the perfect season to make those dreams a reality, and we got a bevy of bargains to help you hit the savannah.
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Take a Safari in Southern Africa
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Reader's Voice
From Tammy DelNegro: "Hello! I was wondering if you missed your connecting flight because your first flight was delayed how the airline takes care of it. I am flying American Airlines and I leave Minneapolis/St. Paul and I have a 45 min layover in O'Hare and then I leave O'Hare to LaGuardia. The flight leaving O'Hare to LaGuardia is the last flight to LaGuardia for the night. Can they redirect you to another airport? Airline? Do they pay for the cost of hotel? Thank you!"
From Jan Cornelius: "I am taking a three-week trip to Mexico and am wondering what people are finding is the best way to exchange money there. I've heard various opinions regarding other countries -- credit cards, traveler's checks or dollars and exchanging at banks or money changers vs. ATMs with debit cards. Since I'm on a budget, I'd would like to spend as little in exchange fees as possible. Thanks for any suggestions!"
From Tammy Hester: "My husband and I recently took a trip to the Sunset Beach Resort and Spa. I had several pros and cons with this hotel. I will give you my rating on this resort. We visited this resort August 12-16, 2004 for a wedding. Understand that 1 means poor and 5 means excellent. Remember this is only my opinion."
Food on China tourFrom Bobbie Stern: "Help! We're taking a PDT tour next March to Beijing, Xian, a river cruise and Shanghai. My husband is concerned about the Chinese food that will be served. Understand that we eat Chinese food often, in the US and in Hong Kong and Singapore. We haven't eaten beef chop suey for 40 years. He's afraid that he be served fish heads, snake and other things not common to westerners. Can anyone help calm his fears?"
From MeganGuider: "Hi! Need some comments on Uncle Billys accommodations in Hawaii. I realize it is budget, but is it doable? We're not too fussy; like clean sheets/shower but don't plan on staying in room much, this trip. Thanks, MG."

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