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A brand new travel Web site is raising the stakes on the budget-Europe game by offering these three packages to London.
Seasonal rate fluctuations and empty spaces sometimes combine for some of the best last-minute specials, and this one is a prime example.
President Franklin Roosevelt famously said "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." Yet fear can, in fact, be fun, especially if you follow in the Transylvanian footsteps of Count Dracula this fall.
On the Autumn wine tasting cruise, which the company hopes to make an annual event, you'll participate in presentations of wines from Long Island, Rhode Island, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket
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Crazy Horse Monument, Black Hills, South Dakota
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Reader's Voice
From Pamela Warr: "While planning our recent trip to Switzerland, I gathered valuable information from this message board, so thought I should pay back. I found the hotels in Luzern to be rather high-priced for my budget and lucked on a listing for Isabelle Holdener's new B+B in Luzern."
From Doug Eads: "We made our first trip to Hungary, and Budapest July 2002. We used FF miles to fly free, and were told Budapest was available to fly into. This seemed a pretty exciting idea! We had a wonderful time, and the city, though under constant restorations, is lovely!"
From Fred: "New Year's Eve there is pretty much the same as here. The Champs Elysees near the Arc is closed with a zillion people, like Times Square. People have parties or go out for dinner. Most restaurants have special menus that night with one or two seatings, prix-fixe with a limited menu, and much more in cost than normally, like here."
From August Dawn: "I am going to be on a short vacation in europe in October of this year. I have intended on going to Germany as part of this trip, namely Berlin and possibly Dresden. However, I've seen some television coverage recently of racial riots and violent demonstrations in the country. While I realize that, of course, America has it's own dangers, this information has me 'on the fence.'"
From Eric Dykstra: "I am so sick of hearing about a couple of things regarding the Netherlands. One, it is called The Netherlands, not Holland. Holland refers for the most part to the "Ranstad" area of the Netherlands."

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