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Rome remains consistently popular as a European destination and a mythological wonderland. You'll never forget the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, your first glance at the Coliseum. Rome is timeless, and with tour promoters pushing low-price air/land deals to Italy's landmark city, why not do as the Romans do and hang in Rome?
Peru and Ecuador are two of the most stunning and diverse countries on the planet. Luckily for the budget traveler, they are also both relatively inexpensive (except of course if you choose to visit the Galapagos Islands, which remains an expensive adventure) and very tourist friendly.
Chalk it up to Lance Armstrong and the legions of yellow bracelet wearing he inspired, or chalk it up to Americans getting off their duffs and starting to exercise more, but suddenly, biking is red hot.
North Carolina is a beach and golf haven as good as any coastal locale in the United States. From Hilton Head to Wilmington to the roar of NASCAR in Charlotte, it's full of inns, bed and breakfasts and quaint corners filled with delicious outer banks and low country cuisine. It's a perfect quiet vacation for people looking to get away for a month or a short weekend.
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From 2GuysTraveling: "Hi... My partner and I have planned a late October vacation in Whistler. We are renting a one-bedroom condo in the heart of Whistler."
From nedo8: "I will be staying at Marriott Casamagna Puerto Vallarta Resort for 3nights/ 4 days. We are hoping to do the canopy tours & scuba diving/snorkling."
From marikarasmussen: "We are two (swedish) families that are going to Cuba in december. We are looking for a friendly Casa Particular near Havana's beaches that can accomodate 4 adults and 5 children."
From dreyer926: "How much time should one allow for exploring Rottnest Island in June?"
From Odie: "We are going to Japan for 2 weeks in November and are on a budget. Besides the rail pass, would appreciate any ideas for saving $$$."

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