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For those of you stuck in post-Irene limbo, here are the best airline lounges in the U.S. and Canada.
More weather-related travel advice that'll keep the rain from wiping out your entire trip. Salvage your vacation with these five easy tips.
Wi-Fi hotspots in airports and cafes may seem ubiquitous, but when you're traveling it's often tough to find a place to get online. Here are six apps that get you what you need, no matter the connection.
Explore Quito and colonial treasures in this winter deal that'll save you 30% over similar package deals.
From hidden beaches to horseback rides, here's how to have the perfect romantic island escape.
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Croatia's Dalmatian Coast Croatia's Dalmatian Coast
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Reader's Voice
From Tony Vincent: "My wife are visiting Savannah for the first time... A friend is letting us use his condo, and we would like suggestions on things to see and do, preferably inexpensive if not free."
From texaslockguy: "We're giving our son in L.A. a honeymoon in the Caribbean. We're interested in all-inclusive beach resorts. But we can't find any convenient flights from LAX."
From JennyL6: "We have found several online that go there for a day or for an overnight. Would appreciate feedback to those who have gone on one of the tours."
From EricNax: "Does anyone have any tips about renting apartments in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv area? What pitfalls to look for?"

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