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Get a bird's-eye view with these unforgettable hot-air balloon experiences in California's Napa Valley, Tanzania's Serengeti, France's Loire Valley, and more.
Jetting off for the long weekend? Try these 10 smart strategies from the travel experts who know -- parents.
Are airlines looking the other way when it comes to the needs of breast-feeding travelers? Many airlines lack formal policies when it comes to breast-feeding passengers.
Ready to catch a break? You'll be on your feet in no time with these surf camps in Costa Rica, Mexico, California, Hawaii, and more.
Save on Finnair's fall and winter flights to Europe and Asia, redeem a promo code for 15% off Air Canada flights, and get more discounts with these airline sales.
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The blue waters of Lake Tahoe, California The blue waters of Lake Tahoe, California
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Reader's Voice
From tngal: "We have extended our fall foliage trip to include the coast of Maine. We want to take in the Camden area, Kennebunkport, and more. Where should we stop overnight?"
From kathleen: "I need some suggestions for a low-budget itinerary for two senior ladies. We'd like to spend at least 17 days. My friend has cancer and this will be her last trip to Italy. It will be my first."
From SueMcC: "We'd like to take a train from Boston and travel to Canada to see fall foliage. What's a good itinerary? Or can you recommend another fall foliage train tour in the Northeast?"
From pablolotto: "We're planning a trip to Tahoe in October. We heard a lot of places might not be open. Will there be enough going on to give us something to do while we're there? Any ideas?"

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