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There's nothing like taking a motorhome cross-country, lugging your hotel room with you and never having to unpack.
For over 45 years, the NRCSA (National Registration Center for Study Abroad) has been setting standards in international education, mostly with their outstanding programs in many countries around the world.
Route 66 has often been called America's favorite highway, and with good reason, as it goes to all the good places, such as Springfield, Illinois. In addition to the splendid history of the city, you can have a fine time for as little as $25 per person per night--if you're a family of four, that is.
For the first time, Tourcrafters is offering agriturismo vacations--packages in farmhouses--in gorgeous Tuscany. And the price can be as low as $962 for an apartment with living room, kitchen and two bedrooms (four beds), per week in spring and fall.
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From Oliver Smith: "I recently returned from a short break in Kent and Sussex, long known as 'The Garden of England.' Typical English countryside with rolling hills topped with woodland and pasture and distinctive orchards, hop gardens and oast houses (where the hops were dried -now mostly converted to unusual houses). "
From Eleasha Gall: "What are the not to be missed dive sites in Grand Bahamas? We are traveling the the beginning of October."
From Bad Ride: "I was just in Vegas this weekend, and my experience with Shuttle Express to/and from the airport was very bad. The driver is rude and quick to snap at you. My wife had an early pick up from our hotel, and they managed to messed that up."
From Local NYCer: "For reasons everyone knows, most of lower Manhattan's small businesses are really struggling to keep their doors open these days."
From Keenan Pawley: "We just came back from Dallas and went to the Dallas Zoo, which was quite good. The children's zoo was excellent and they had one really neat feature - an exchange place where you could bring anything you might have that is from the "natural world", such as fossils, snake skins, rocks, etc. and you get points to trade in the store for other such items."

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