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The publishers of a guidebook about Florida for travelers using wheelchairs and other assistive devices are offering a 20% discount to readers of this Newsletter who buy the book this month only. The regular price is $24.95, the discounted tag is $19.96.
Sascha Segan looks into airlines of little notice that offer cheap flights and unusual routes (but little else).
Can't find a way from Point A to Point B? You can if you know about these secret resources.
Mindful of the importance stress plays in our lives, hoteliers around the country are searching for getaway themes in promotions designed for every market niche they can imagine. Today, we'll look at specials catering to women.
We told you earlier about some great ways to save on lodgings for Christmasy, wintery travel. Now we're back to tell you about two more groups offering reduced rates across the U.S and London.
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From george b: "I don't speak French. I've learned a few phrases, but I'm leaving for Paris and I want to make sure I have the very basic French language needs taken care of."
From Russell Hill: "I recently read in a newspaper that almost 100,000 claims for missing items have been filed with US airlines since it became necessary to leave your checked baggage unlocked. The airlines blame the new Security personnel, the government blames airline employees. Have any/many of you had items go missing? I think I'll ship my baggage via UPS from hereon in."
From Tom Wilson: "My family is located throughout the US and we're looking to get together during Thanksgiving week '04. We've got all ages participating (3 yrs to 75 yrs with teens and their baby boomer parents in between). Typically we like to stay in condos or other facilities that provide similar accomodations (i.e. kitchens etc). I'd appreciate hearing suggestions from folks. Thanks!"
From Emil J. Kiehne: "What issues do foreign travelers face in Europe during the Christmas holidays? How should tourists spend their time on Dec. 24-26? Are attractions, hotels, restaurants closed on those days?"
From Zinochka Wyss: "Has anyone else found travel agents are getting very unethical lately? They want to charge your credit card the day you call or email but don't want to send your tickets until much later. One air consolidator charged my credit card and still had not sent my tickets 34 days later in spite of 4 emails demanding that he do so. We finally got our tickets just 6 days before we were due to leave!"

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