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This week's roundup includes two very different deals to Mexico, a special offer to the Baltics, and two more discounts on packages in Asia and Europe.
How to get behind the grapes and into the fields, with daily hiking, as well as cycling, canoeing, and horseback riding jaunts.
Would you like a traveling companion who helped you overcome health limitations, as well as never argued with you, never talked back, and always deferred to every one of your whims?
Our reader prepays for his hotel room through Hotwire.com and then gets double billed. Now nobody seems to care about fixing the error. Is our reader out of options?
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Temple in Nara, Japan
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Reader's Voice
From artofanime: "My spouse and I have finally booked our plane tickets, hotels, and tour for Athens/Santorini in late September. My spouse is a real architecture buff, I'm just going along for the ride."
From Jeff K: "I'll be visiting Amsterdam next week for the first time. I would like to get in a few one-day trips that get me back late in the evening. Can anyone recommend some nice tourist spots?"
From canadian.commin.to.jamaica: "We are looking to see and enjoy the island while staying at a nice, laid back area with plenty to see and do, without all the tourists. Any suggestions on where I should be looking to rent a cottage or villa?"
From Thistlewhite: "As part of my Australia trip in late September I'll be spending a few days in Cairns. I'd like to go to the Great Barrier Reef on a day tour."
From gra: "I'd love some feedback on the following plan for the North Island of New Zealand. We're after natural beauty and time to put our feet up."

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