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With gas prices hovering comfortably over $3 per gallon, many Americans are looking a little enviously at the owners of hybrid cars. Now available in sizes from compact to SUV, hybrids get up to double the gas mileage of their traditional cousins. That can translate into major annual savings, whether or not you worry about global warming.
Check out the latest round of sales from carriers large and small.
Golden beaches, verdant hills meeting turquoise waters. Astonishing biodiversity and sound ecotourism. Phenomenal fishing. And oh, the food. Such superlatives might describe an island paradise in the South Pacific, an "undiscovered" stretch of Aegean coast, or the whole of Costa Rica. In this case, these words surprisingly describe a rarefied stretch of Brazil's Xingu River, a 1,230-mile tributary of the Amazon.
Whether they're out on their own or part of a caravan swarming the highways and country roads in swarms like buzzing bees, there are plenty of road trips and vacation packages available for the biker in you. Whether you own a bike or rent one, motorcycle trips are yet another way to enjoy the world.
We discuss the opportunities for adventure travel, sightseeing, historical travel and religious sites, as well as Vietnam's history and culture. Includes tips on planning a getaway to all of Southeast Asia including nearby Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.
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Runoff in the Amazon Rainforest
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Reader's Voice
From sondramd: "This question is especially geared toward men's clothes. Can shorts that touch the knee be worn, or do knees have to be completely covered to enter churches?"
From eshamtc: "My wife and I were considering moving to Milwaukee and recently visited on the weekend of the Irish fest. We were very suprised at how empty the city was. We walked around downtown and along the river but there was NOBODY around! It was like a ghost town. Is the city always that dead? We were very disappointed and are considering taking Milwaukee off our list of possible relocation areas."
From tuckerc: "I've just returned from a day that has changed my life! I have always loved horses and always believed there was a place and a horse made just for my passionate spirit. I found it!"
From 80's chick: "Hi! We just returned from a great trip to PR, and I want to promote a few of the people there that made our trip perfect."
From sleepless_in_wgtn: "I'm from a country where tipping is not common practice. You give a taxi driver $10-bill for a $9.50 fare and they give you back the 50 cents change. So please, can you provide me some guidelines on tipping?"

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