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While we're out enjoying our holiday break, we hope you enjoy these previously published columns and new readers' comments.
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Stelios, the Greek self-described "serial entrepreneur" who founded the European discount airline easyJet and the hop-on hop-off easyCruise, just announced the opening of the first easyHotel.
Rome remains consistently popular as a European destination and a mythological wonderland. You'll never forget the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, your first glance at the Coliseum. Rome is timeless, and with tour promoters pushing low-price air/land deals to Italy's landmark city, why not do as the Romans do and hang in Rome?
Most ships follow the sun, positioning themselves in the warmest, most pleasant regions of the world. Why? Because they can. Ships float, of course, and therefore they can pick up and just move from one side of the world to another when it suits them. Hotels, on the hand, are out of luck. They're stuck where they are.
We had high hopes this summer for low fares on Amtrak, but it turns out the railroad has been ratcheting back its discounts for single travelers, while still allowing savings of up to 90% for families and groups. We tore through Amtrak's list of discount codes to find you the best ones.
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Reader's Voice
From shelliec78: "I'm planning a 4-day trip to Edinburgh for New Year's and the Hogmanay celebration. Does anyone have suggestions for a B&B or perhaps an apartment rental?"
From kathy dement: "I have airline reservations to go to New Orleans over Thanksgiving. Because of the catastrophic devastation, I do not think it is wise to go even in 3 months. When I called to change my ticket to another destination, I asked that the ticket change fee be waived due to the situation. But they said they were only waiving the fee for travel in the month of September. Was my request unreasonable?"
From marypop: "We will be in San Francisco for a few days in October. It is the first time for us, and we're going crazy with all the sites on the Internet. We would love to hear from people that really love the city about places or tours they would suggest us to go on while we are there. We will be there over the weekend for three days, and then we are travelling down the coast."
From rnb598: "I'm going to Paris for the first time and am overwelmed by the choice of guidebooks. Could anybody suggest one that you have used recently? A lot of them don't seem to give many recommendation for restaurants."
From travelchick: "We relied on the recommendation of Eric Adventures in our Frommer's Guide to book our white water rafting trip in the Apurimac Canyon. I was thoroughly dissatisfied with this company and would not recommend using them. First of all, don't be fooled by their very user-friendly website. We were, and we paid dearly for it."

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