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Take advantage of these 10 free activities and attractions at Disney World. No theme park tickets required.
In spite of its booming tourism industry, there are still plenty of places to go that are off the beaten track -- and easy to get to.
We've probably all been guilty of bugging someone at some point in our travels, but here are a few pointers to make life easier for your fellow airline passengers.
Spend three nights in each city with this Go-Today package that includes airfare, hotel, train tickets, and breakfast daily.
Each of these train routes can cost less than a road trip, so climb aboard, enjoy the scenery, and let someone else do the driving.
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Laguna Beach, California Laguna Beach, California
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Reader's Voice
From nola32412: "My fiance and I are debating between Thailand and Bali. We have about two weeks. We love the beach but also enjoy doing other activities."
From Kannon: "When is the best time to visit Belize? I'm aiming to limit our weeklong vacation to two places. Any suggested activities?"
From Arundhati Sridhar: "So our family is planning a trip across Western Europe (London-Paris-Geneva-Rome). What are some books worth reading up on for the history of these places?"
From NanaEL: "My husband and I are going to Provence for 3 weeks. Should we have an international driver's license? What kind of weather should we expect? Are ATMs readily available?"

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