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We have been suggesting--nay--urging you to take advantage of our National Parks system this year. The number of visitors from outside the U.S. has dropped significantly, and many rooms in many hotels and lodges in all of the parks still have vacancies at a time when they are usually booked solid. So, to give you a little more prodding, Delaware North Parks Services, the new management service for several national parks across the country, is offering great savings for the Grand Hotel in Grand Canyon National Park--one night is only $89 plus tax for up to two people.
They don't have sales often, but when they do it's worth taking note (and taking a trip) because it really is a sale.
We enjoy being nice to our readers whenever we can, and now comes along Troy Tours, a Los Angeles firm we have recommended before, to help us.
Getting down to the Galapagos Islands has always been considered expensive, but that can't be said any longer with Metropolitan Touring's packages, which start at an incredibly low $999, ranging up to as much as $2,348 for the best cabins and longer itineraries.
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Reader's Voice
From Donna Cuervo: "A co-worker just returned from vacation with a horror story of the new policies. She and her husband were visiting relatives in Italy, and one of her bags was what Delta considered overweight by six pounds."
From Meche Kroop: "For the past four years I have gritted my teeth and paid the $100 to bring my 5# dog in his approved carry-bag which goes under my seat instead of a carry-on bag. Now that American Airlines (and probably others as well) has seen fit to hike the fare up to $160 I am really questioning this policy."
From D. Krueger: "Now that one by one the airlines are doing away with same day standby travel and all levels of flexibility you can be sure that if any flight I am on fails to arrive or depart at the exact time stated in our contract (also known as the ticket) will be considered a breech and will make that segment worthless to me and I will dispute the charges on my credit card."
From Doug S.: "Hello! I am in the process of putting together a trip to Cairo next May. I have some airline questions. Has anyone flown on EGYPTAIR? How safe of a carrier is it?"
From Cruise Couple: "Does anyone know of a www link or company that allows you to bank frequent flier miles from more than one airline with them, then turn around and use these miles to purchase airfare and/or other vacations?"

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