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Deep-sea divers and snorkeling enthusiasts consider Belize to be the scuba capital of the Western Hemisphere. Its barrier reef is the second largest in the world after Australia, and Jacques Costeau's Black Hole, a Mecca for divers worldwide, sits a few miles off the Belizean Coast.
As we head into fall and winter, the weather starts getting cooler and the prices start getting better. Today we've got deals at Zion National Park and Lake Tahoe, plus chances to practice your Italian and Polish without ever leaving the comfort of your hotel.
Maybe you're tired of paying exorbitant hotel phone bills while overseas, or maybe you just don't like figuring out those pesky international pay phones and cards. Have we got your number?
Though Hurricane Charley wreaked havoc on about one-third of the counties in Florida, the remaining two-thirds remained unaffected, and the Florida tourism authorities are eager for visitors to start coming back.
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From Lilly William: "TACA Airlines has informed me (after 4.5 weeks and 3 emails) that two non-refundable tickets that I purchased in May and June of 2003 and never used are no longer valid. They tersely advised me that I had entered into a contract as stipulated in the small print on the back of the ticket which is only in Spanish in which I am not fluent. Having thought that since the trips were never started the tickets would be valid indefinitely -- wrong wrong -- so I am out a little over $400 US. Has anyone else had this problem and are unused tickets on other airlines only valid for one year?"
From Chantal Z: "I could really use some advice on how to navigate the Swiss Pass system. Should I purchase a Half Fare Card when I arrive including the free round trip option for my first and last stops back to Zurich? Is there a better pass option? Or should we just buy second class tickets as we go?"
From kjb: My wife and I are spending four nights in Tuscany at the end of September early October and are trying to decide what towns to see, and where to stay. We both like wine and would like to stop in a vineyard or two, as well as see Sienna. Any recommendations would be appreciated, on towns, things to see as well as specific places to stay.
From Sharon Dougherty: "My husband and I are planning a trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam in February. We will not be staying at the top of the line hotels and we hope to experience some of the "soft adventures" such as elephant treks, boat trips, etc. We typically pack very light, but have never backpacked (we're very fit seniors). Any suggestions as to what to take for clothing as well as should we each take a small suitcase or one larger one or try backpacking?"
From neal enrick: "Orbitz.com is overcharging and it's not some 'glitch' or 'delayed update' from the airline. I've been checking continental.com every day, watching the price for specific, roundtrip, non-stop flights from Cleveland to Orlando on Jan 9-16: flights CO1071 & CO1870. The price on continental.com has been unchanged ($276) for at least two weeks. Today, I checked and it was the same, but I also happened to check orbitz.com and they are selling the exact same roundtrip, same days, same flight numbers for, get this, $522!"

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