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There are many great Paris Walks, but you really need to pay attention along the way. Strolling through the city's streets lets you soak up the Parisian ambiance like a native.
$699 for five nights hotel and round-trip air between Los Angeles and Sydney is just plain outstanding.
If you leave London without seeing at least one stage show, then you'll have missed one of this city's most glittering attractions. Here's how to spend less money doing it.
Finding the best room on a cruise ship starts with money, but it doesn't always end there. Find out how to pick the best beds on all the major cruise lines.
Ken Burns discusses his forthcoming television mini-series "The National Parks" and argues that it is essential to the survival of the country that people use the park system.
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Great Wall at Simatai, China Great Wall at Simatai, China
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Reader's Voice
From DecoderMan: "I'd be interested in suggestions for an itinerary of three weeks. We usually are independent travelers but might hook up with a travel agency to take care of some logistics for us."
From Dixie Bradley: "Has anyone taken any of the package tours to the Copper Canyon, and if so, what did you like or dislike? We are giving thought to the Trafalgar Tours package -- any feedback?"
From gerritraveler: "We are planning to stay in Recoleta for it's supposedly Parisian atmosphere and safety factor. We are prepared to take taxis so location should not be a problem."
From missourigal: "We are planning our first trip to St. Lucia and enjoy sitting on a private balcony watching and listening to the waves. Do you have any suggestions?"
From Azzoi: "Do not depend on early booking. We reserved a bulkhead seat for a husband and wife four months prior to the flight. Finnair bounced the wife out of the seat."

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