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Take your pick: an affordable journey through China and Tibet or a luxury train trip in India.
Maybe because it's originally William Penn's "greene countrie towne" and has such an illustrious past, Philadelphia has to plan especially well to keep alive the best and most attractive of the past 3 centuries, while constantly striving to keep pace with the future. One thing's for sure--there's no lack of imagination here.
Cuba is a gorgeous island with a rich culture, friendly people, and an unpleasant government. But there's one thing that makes Cuba unique: Americans are essentially forbidden to travel there.
We recently reported on business- and first-class transoceanic flights, offering cogent reasons on when and how to travel upscale. SATA Grupo International has come up with a reasonably affordable offer making business class travel that much easier to attain -- with an added vacation stopover as well.
The best kind of freebie is one you get for doing something you were going to do anyway. In the case of hotel discounter Quikbook, they're giving away $15 L.L. Bean gift certificates to anyone who books and completes three hotel stays by December 31.
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Reader's Voice
From Jerry Jones: "I just recently returned from a vacation to Russia and would like to offer a few suggestions to those interested in making the same trip."
From Jeremy Clark: "Just returned from one week in Rio. This was definitely the most exciting vacation I have taken."
From A. Traveler: "I flew Southeast on a charter to Cancun from Cincinnati. Flight was uneventful, and as it was part of a package, I have no idea what the flight actually cost. However, given that I am a slightly-taller-than-average human, they'd pretty much have to *give* me tickets before I would choose to fly crammed into their planes like a sardine again. I have never seen a plane with so little legroom."
From Jeanine Anea: "While I would love the option to talk on my cellular phone during a long flight, I have no desire to hear Suzie gabbing away to Tracey about how much of a jerk Tommy is. Call me selfish but most people probably don¿t want to hear me yakking away during a three-hour flight either and I really don¿t blame them. Keeping cell phones off during a flight maintains what little peace we find on long stuffy flights. Let's keep it that way pleeeaaassse!"
From Lyn T: "What do you do when you have rotten kids kicking the back of your seat all through your flight? I for one think they should have a designated childrens area in the plane much like when they had the smoking section."

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