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European spas, broadly speaking, usually include more than massages and facials -- many are based on what's called balneotherapy -- the science and art of bathing with the goal of improving the immune system, stimulate circulatory processes, and in general, encouraging the body's own natural healing process. We've found some interesting offers -- some of which include airfare -- designed to sooth both body and soul in Hungary, Germany, Slovakia and Italy.
With a touch of French and Dutch colonial history and a vast lot of Africa old and new, the West African experience contains expansive seashores, gleeful harmonies, and villages filled with ancient customs.
Forget about becoming the Girl from Ipanema. I don't want to dispel an international myth, but the best beaches in Brazil are not in Rio de Janeiro.
Once again, we've rounded up the best offers currently available to help you get the most bang for your cruise vacation dollar.
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From eban: "I will be visiting the following towns and cities with a group of boys (22 in all) in June and July next year. Can anyone let me know what activities one can do as well as sightseeing in Concordia, Parana City, Cordoba and Venado Tuerto? Thanks!"
Flavel: "My wife and I are off to the Cotswolds the first 3 weeks in October, 2005, and we are looking for input and insights as to walking along the Cotswold Way."
From Scout718: "We recently visited Venice. I did some on-line research and thought the Venice Card would save us money on museums and restaurants. WRONG. The card was worthless and an expensive waste of money."
Rjak1: "My brother, mother and I will (all adults) will be driving out to Reno from San Francisco the second week of October. Is there anything interesting to see/do along the way? Also, once we get there, what else is there to do besides gamble?"
From Bruce Collier: "I will be traveling to India this October, and want to hire a driver for the first two weeks for a quick tour of Delhi, Agra, and primarily Rajasthan. We have a driver recommended to us, but it's quickly turning into the hard sell of a full package through his travel agency including not only the two weeks, but the last one as well. I understand that drivers want to stay in hotels that house them, and I am open to that; just don't want to lock myself in to a fixed itinerary."

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