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Deals and News
Seven nights in Austria starts from $549 including roundtrip airfare, room in a ski resort and morning meals; but hurry, these won't stay around for too long.
Fares to Australia and New Zealand seem to have developed a pattern, with regular, repeating sales keeping fares around $800 from the West Coast. Of course, being sales, these fares can disappear at any time, and we expect fares to swing up a bit for January and February, the antipodean high season.
The cartoon juggernaut began offering discounts and increased options on air/hotel/park pass packages earlier this year to its parks and properties in Florida and California. We're happy to report that they're continuing on that path. To take advantage of these current deals, you'll have to book by September 22.
Spirit Airlines wants to be one of the big boys. The scrappy discount carrier is tired of being considered small fry, and has broken out with a new advertising campaign trying to upgrade its profile. As part of their new moves, Spirit has an intriguing promotion going on with Orbitz.
We're here to point you in the right direction when you simply can't part from those providers of unconditional love, your pet.
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Reader's Voice
From Linda Jacobs: "Just a warning to those who travel not to rely on your bank cards, or your bank for that matter. Travel with travellers cheques. My young daughter had the misfortune of having problems with the bank machine in Guatemala and the bank froze her access card."
From Leslie Ogden: "A recent column by recommended a budget trip (post SARS) to China. The tour operator is Champion Holidays in New York City. The price was great, but my travel agent has never heard of the company. How can I find out if this is a reputable company? Is being promoted by Frommer's a sign of a legitimate operator? Has anyone out there used this company before?"
From Nickg: "I am going to Jamaica for the first time and staying at Sunset Beach Resort and Spa in Montego Bay with one of my friends. I was wondering what I could expect at the resort. I have read a lot of reviews, and most of them have been good. What about outside of the resort?"
From Evelyn Ong: "I just got back from a fantastic holiday in Japan. 1 week in Tokyo then 2 weeks on the 'Empire of the Sun' holiday with the Imaginative Traveller. The Shinkansen (bullet train) punctuality has to be experienced to be believed. Get a JR rail pass and see the country! Here's a summary."
From John Bryant: "The western part of the Czech Republic, along the border with Germany, is quiet and prosperous -- carefully worked farmland, thick green forests, and beautiful old towns, many of them famous for great beer and luxurious, old spas. There is much to see and do in the area and visitors to the Czech Republic should escape the many attractions of Prague for a little time in this beautiful region. A couple of days of driving the area in a rental car is well worth the escape, only 100 miles west of Prague!"

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