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Many tour operators are starting to offer discounts, upgrades, reduced rates and other temptations to lure travelers to Hawaii. While the majority of visitors (and deals) focus on Oahu, we've also found some for Waikiki, Maui and Kauai.
Rolling hills dotted with wildflowers, plunging red rock canyons, vast snow-covered peaks -- the sheer majesty and diversity of America's national parks is hard to grasp without seeing them firsthand. They're a perfect antidote to strip malls and urban jungles. If you've never been, fall is a great time to visit.
Hey you! Yeah, you, reading this hunched over a computer, sipping stale coffee. Wouldn't you like a chance to relax and unwind, a chance to escape work obligations and everyday stress?
In terms of value for money, Latin America's best bets are as easy to remember as your ABCs: Argentina, Brazil and Costa Rica. Regardless of which one you decide to visit, your dollars will go a long way.
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From Jennifer Carros: "Just returned from Iceland August 14 from a six-day trip and thought I'd offer a few helpful bits of information for those thinking of going to Iceland. I can't wait to go back. FYI -- I'm not a backpacking type or independently wealthy so I think my tips will be helpful."
From Mandy Mark: "I'm wondering which hotel at Disney World is better all around, for the money, etc. Disney's Yacht Club Resort typically is about $100 more per room per night than the Wilderness Lodge. There's a fall special now that significantly reduces this difference. One would assume that the Yacht Club is the better hotel (space, location, etc.), but Frommer's gives the Wilderness Lodge 3 stars and the Yacht Club Resort only 2. Does anyone have any insights or thoughts? Thanks."
From Mary Anne: "I am considering using Priceline.com to get a hotel room for several nights this spring and next fall. I have used Priceline only one time. It was to book a room for several nights in a small town and there was minimum risk involved. For these upcoming trips, there is a greater risk -- the cities are Houston and Hot Springs. I want to be close to the events and I don't want to bid low and end up in a dump. I have read many people's comments of staying at a 4 star hotel for $40 a night! Is the uncertainty just part of the risk you take with Priceline and blind bidding or is there system other than Priceline's star levels that can help with hotel selections in a big city? Does anyone have a better suggestion to help a novice budget traveler get some of those fantastic rates at a nice hotel we all only hear about?"
From Tricia D: "After reading many reviews (most positive, some not) on this site and others, my friend and I decided to use Orbit Tours (www.orbitegy.com), based out of Egypt for a 12-day trip to Egypt and Jordan -- I must admit, we have always traveled independently and have never used a 'tour operator' before -- and this was our first trip to Africa/Middle East. Orbit's policy of handing over US $ on arrival in Cairo also had us freaked out -- we even had a 'plan 2' in case something went wrong (!) Also, as single women in our mid/late 20s, we were a bit concerned not only for our safety, but also about being 'conned' or something... Well, let me say that Orbit Tours far exceeded our expectations... they were EXCELLENT!!!!"
From Julie Forrest: "Has anyone stayed at either of these hotels in Playa? I am considering them for a trip in January and would be interested in your comments and/or any other recommendations for a small, inexpensive hotel in Playa. Thanks!"

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