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Giants like Club Med and individual resorts like the Almond Beach in Barbados have one thing in common when it's out of season time -- they need a little sugar to lure more guests to their rooms. Fall is when they roll out the tubs of candy for customers, candy with a creamy, savings center.
Think travel writing is a dream job? Get schooled with this how-to course for budding pundits.
If you've ever thought of going to Europe, now would be a pretty good time. Fares for this fall have now descended to ridiculously low rates, with one airline charging a mere $200 for September trips to London.
Nicaragua and Honduras are destinations for the adventurous. Less built-up than neighboring Costa Rica, these Central American countries offer natural beauty that isn't (yet) swarmed by hordes of tourists. Costa Rica, meanwhile, is turning into the playground of Central America. This peaceful, democratic country, the richest in the region, offers tourists everything from wild natural parks to full-service resorts.
As the threat of winter air approaches, prices shrivel up on European travel. Case in point: CIE Tours International's blarney bargain to Ireland starts from just $499 for a four-night stay, with breakfast and dinner daily, sightseeing program, entertainment and admissions.
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From Thomas Cheng: "How do I go about going to the port to get on a cruise the day it is leaving? Does anybody have any experience with this or tips on how to make it happen? Thanks!"
This bad experience prompted me to put a warning on my website with regards to Advantage Rent-a-Car. I hope my story helps other travelers in taking additional measures when booking online: call the rental car company and confirm your reservation and price; and take with you the online agency┬┐s phone number, in case such issues appear.
From LNM: "Can people please provide feedback on economy flights to S Africa via SAA between Atlanta/Capetown/Jo'burg/Atlanta? I've read some horror stories about dirty bathrooms, unpleasant flight attendants, unsanitary cabins, bad food and most concerning of all cramped uncomfortable seats with poor legroom. Is it really that bad?"
From Craig Ellerbrock: "Before going to visit DC, be sure and contact your congressperson or senator. The congressional aide, Josh Goldstein, for my congressman, Adam Schiff, sent us maps and schedules, tickets to the Senate and House Galleries and arranged a tour of the Library of Congress, along with others. Josh also took my son and I and 4 other folks from our district on an "aides" tour of the Capitol. There were many aides giving tours."
From Jules0822: "I am searching for a B& B in Brooklyn and am finding alot on Westminster Road..anyone know the area? Is it a good section to stay in? Any suggestions on good B&Bs in Brooklyn?"

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