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In a spirit appropriate for the Big Easy, you can drink to the recovery and raise money for New Orleans as part of the Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour. Click here for details.
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When it came to compiling this list of essential travel items, we found quite a few differences of opinion. From alarm clocks and books to lucky talismans and queasy pops, here are our top picks.
The nation's capital comes alive in the fall. Congress goes back to session. The President and his cabinet return from summer breaks, and the business of running the government continues. The energy turns up a notch, and the tourists begin to arrive.
I have one motto that I swear by when it comes to shopping while traveling and that is "You Only Regret What You Don't Buy." It is an adage that I strictly adhere to and espouse to anyone who will listen. Nowhere is it more appropriate than when you visit the litany of flea and antique markets across Europe.
As the boomer population continues to well, boom, and the age seems to be dropping precipitously for one to be considered a "senior," there ought to be a surfeit of companies springing into action to fill this growing need.
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Washington, D.C.
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Reader's Voice
From swainsam: "I am currently planning a three month roadtrip from New York City to Los Angeles via Florida, and a part of my trip is up through Arizona and Utah. The highest point in Utah I am going is Arches National park, but I keep getting told that if I can, I really should go up to Yellowston National Park. Is it really worth the long journey? Bear in mind I will have already done a lot of parks."
From amven: "I am a fashion design and merchandising major and was accepted at a great design firm in Helsinki to intern this upcoming summer for about 6 weeks. Having said this, I am searching for information -- a lot of it. I just met with the international offices at my university and they couldn't really help me out. If you know of any websites to visit regarding student discounts, discounted travel and housing, or know of where I might be able to sublet an apartment, it would be greatly appreciated."
From lsbbhill: "Has anyone had experience with dentists abroad? I need multiple crowns/caps; in no way can I afford them here in the US. I'd appreciate any advice."
From Libby: "While looking at a tour on a small ship today I found that the few rooms offered for sole occupancy have only one bed, but the tour company charges an additional $2,700 for these rooms. I understand the extra charge when the tour company is giving you a room that is for two people, but not when the room is for only one person. Does anyone understand why solo travelers have to pay more in this instance?"
From mikemel: "I am traveling to Cancun in October. Can anyone tell me if the Moon Palace is a great place to stay and is the all-inclusive worth it? Did the resort experience any damage during this hurricane season?"

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