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Too bad gas prices are falling. Soaring fuel costs can potentially save us real money on our next vacation -- if not in the short term, then down the road.
JetBlue gives eBay a spin, Continental piles on baggage fees, Delta stops on non-stop flights, and more news from the airlines.
Virgin trots out pay cable celebs to promote new NYC to Vegas flight route. How much can Branson save you on that next gambling escape?
The A380 made its U.S. debut the last week of August when Emirates Airlines made the first commercial landing on American soil of the mammoth, double-decker passenger plane. Step aboard and take a look.
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Reader's Voice
From J&LinTampa: "We lurked a lot on this board and others for information before we went, so I thought I might return the favor with some information."
From janmac57: "This is our second trip. The first was for two weeks and was fantastic but can't shake the feeling that it could have been organized better."
From Mulcahey: "We will be going to Costa Rica in April and would like to go white water rafting on the Pacuare River and rappelling. Should we stay in San Jose to do these trips?"
From bigtwinky: "I have a brief itinerary planned, nothing at all set in stone, and I'm wondering if it makes sense."
From Trina: "We have found that staying outside of major cities brings down the hotel cost and we will have a motor coach to transport us to sites/attractions."

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