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George Hobica and team have rounded up the best fares including routes to Cincinnati, Mexico, Hong Kong, many cities across Europe -- plus a systemwide sale from Southwest.
Good things really do come in small packages and Malta is one of them. Malta, including neighboring islands Gozo and Comino, are a welcome oasis in the Mediterranean, a break from the tourist crowds of Italy and Greece.
It's never too early to start thinking about the coming ski season. Even while August blares and Europeans lead the vacation trail to the world's best beaches, mountains around the continent are prepping for the onslaught of skiers arriving with the earliest snow.
Once in a while, if you are lucky, you go on a trip somewhere and your life is changed for the better. That's what happened to me on a recent trip to the Amazon.
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Niagara Falls
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From Douglas Duckett: "I am staying in Tiberias for a couple of days, and had planned to travel to a one-night stay in Ein Gedi on the Dead Sea via Route 90 through the Jordan Valley. While I generally avoid travel in the West Bank for safety reasons, I always travel the Highway 1/Route 90 combination from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea and Masada because it does not pass through populated areas."
From becky_donald: "My husband and I are planning to be two days pre-cruise in Santiago. We are thinking to stay in the Hotel Orly. Does someone know the area where this hotel is located?"
From nanexo: "3,000 fireworks displays or more occure each year in Japan. Many of the events happen in the Summer around O-bone Season (August)."
From maxmontana: "'ve heard a little bit here and there recently about how people can use their laptops as telephones now, provided that you've got a high-speed connection."
From taratate: "Tamarind has a Burger king, TCBY and Pizza Hut but you cannot buy underwear.The restaurant situation changes annually. Brunts no longer exists and neither does Geckos, but it moved to Brasilito."

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