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We're offering this rundown of what airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, travel insurance companies and more are doing to get up and running -- and to meet their customers' needs. Additionally, you'll find a list of resources of outfits and organizations involved in the relief effort.
Whereas most people's French vacations may start and finish with Paris, consider going further a field and discovering the majesty of the French countryside, smaller cities and regional areas.
We've rounded up an entire set of air and hotel offers to China.
More than 15 million Americans travel with their pets every year. It's a trend that's growing and businesses are popping up to accommodate the change.
Every mighty oak begins with an acorn, every kudzu from a single seed and every globe-girdling chain from a nubbin of uniqueness. But some originals stand out more than others, as we discovered in Seattle recently.
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From Norm Gottlieb: "I purchased two round-trip tickets on United from IAD to LHR for November travel via Sidestep and Onetravel.com. Onetravel.com said I must secure my own seating arrangement through United. Configuration of United 747-440 shows a bank of seats, rows 32-34 as Economy Seats, which are considered a nice quiet section of the aircraft by Seatguru.com. These seats are in front of the Economy Plus seating but only have 31 inch pitch and that is why they are not Economy Plus seats. United international reservations nor customer service have access to these rows of seats, as I am told they are for airport release. My daughter has a slight medical condition, which would be greatly helped if we could be further up in the aircraft. O.K., you smart guys and gals, how can I get two of these seats without waiting for the day I arrive at the airport, if I can get them at all?"
From lindaEvans: "Just came back from a holiday in Ireland. I hated Dublin (what a rip off!), but I loved Dingle where we stayed at The Dingle Pub at a cost of 30 euros each. We got a great breakfast, great music at night and great value on evening meals. It was a completely better standard than what we found in the Temple Bar area."
From valerieanne: "Please help, we will be going to Japan in the Spring 2006. My daughter loves anime (specifically, Inuyasha) and wonders if there is a tour or building we could visit while there. Also, what would anyone recommend tours or activities for my 11-year-old daughter and my very active husband?"
From Jay Jackson: "I was recently in Boston on business and remained for a few vacation days. It was a pleasant city, and I had a nice time. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, because I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I was a little surprised about the intensity of the fanaticism over the Red Sox by people of all ages. I know they won the world series, but somebody has to win every year, and most people get back to normal after celebrating for a week or so. Adults were decked out in baseball caps and Red Sox shirts often in the most inappropriate places, and some had the team logs tatooed on their skin."
From themanwho: "Well, after my third visit to Montreal over Labor (Labour) Day weekend, I must say, wow, I can't wait to go back next year. As always, this was a city which proved to not only have the fun 'tourist' things to do, like Old Montreal, and Parc Olympique, but it also has an excellent night life."

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