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Fall means more than football season and going back to school. It means reduction on summer travel prices and the beginning of the deal season for travel to Europe.
Author and Rome expert Sylvie Hogg chats with host Kelly Regan about all things Rome: the history, the people, the new anti-smoking laws, the modernization of this 3,000 year old city, the best Roman movies - and reveals the best place to get a great pizza in Rome. Sylvie also gives us some advice on ways to expand your Roman experience beyond the tourist route
New Orleans wants you to know it's open for business. "We believe we are still America's most authentic city and still a great travel destination for convention and leisure visitors," says CVB president and CEO Stephen Perry.
Nobody can resist a trip to Paris -- it's known as the romance capital of the world for good reason. Traveling to Paris on a budget might not sound too sexy, but keep in mind that every dollar saved can be put toward that exquisite watercolor you find in Montmartre.
This week we travel to western Pennsylvania, using one of three alternate airports (we saved money by flying JetBlue). If you're interested in visiting with my family, taking in a professional baseball game and learning some ways around high-price airfares into secondary cities, here's your ticket.
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From JusticeL: "We are going to the Grand Canyon. Because I will not be returning via Phoenix, my drive from the airport to the Grand Canyon will be a one-way trip. I've been thinking about hitting Montezuma's Castle then cutting over to Sedona for a scenic drive up 89A. Or maybe making a beeline for Flagstaff and catching 89 to Sunset Crater and Wupatki, then enter the Grand Canyon through the east. I'm sure we won't be disappointed with the view even if we just head straight up through the south. I'd really like to see a pueblo, but these boards are full of comments about the Sedona area and I'm not sure what to do with the extra time. What do you think?"
From lorac: "We just recently booked a trip with Vantage ('Holland and Belgium in Bloom') for April 2007. This trip will be our first with this company. The port charges per person and the 'estimated' fuel surcharges per person are $461 for a total of $922 per couple. We we surprised at how high these extras were but assumed that was the actual cost and every other tour company would be charging the same or close to it."
From hategoingtowork: "We'll be in Rio in mid-November and our basic plan was to overnight bus (or maybe splurge and fly) to Iguaçu Falls for a couple of days before taking an overnight bus to Buenos Aires. But the Pantanal looks like a very interesting destination along the way to the falls and worthy of an extra five days or so. My question is whether folks who have been there have a preference for Cuiabá, Campo Grande, or Corumbá as the starting point for visiting the Pantanal."
From jimnorb: "My spouse and I (young 70's) are looking forward to a two week cruise around Cape Horn in a few months but are apprehensive about the long flights necessary to get from Arizona to Buenos Aires and then from Santiago, Chile to home. We have't received our tickets yet so don't even know what routing will be involved. Do any 'Travel Wise' readers have suggestions?"
From TLLagana: "My husband and I just relocated to Maine and are anxious to explore our new state. My 30th birthday and our anniversary are coming up, and we would like to celebrate these occasions with a stay at a classy inn. Any suggestions? Also, would we be foolish to travel up to the Moosehead/Greenville are in late October?"

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