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Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't make the best of the chilly sports and warming foods presented by the season. There are plenty of deals -- and reasons -- to visit Scandinavian countries: special seafood and fish dishes, charming architecture and great conversation.
Spain has become as much a must-visit country as Italy. Invoking visions of cosmopolitan coastlines and museums that are not so much houses of art but pieces of them, Spain is more than just bullfights, tapas, paella, Antonia Gaudi and Pablo Picasso. Whether young or old, Spain offers a nightlife filled with non-stop dance and music. After a week in Spain, you'll know why the Spaniards so cherish their siesta.
For many, the ultimate fantasy is riding through the mountains or along a coastal road in some exotic location on a powerful motorcycle, warm wind in your hair (and face), not a care in the world. If you can't live this dream at home because your wife, husband, partner, parents or budget won't allow you to buy a Harley Davidson (or any other motorcycle for that matter), at least you can make it come true on vacation.
Kentucky is home to a multitude of overnight options to please tastes of all kinds. History seems to come to life as old high schools and nursing clinics have been reconstructed into hotels and inns.
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From ejhp: "Hi! My husband and I will be leaving on our honeymoon to New Zealand next Friday. All we have booked so far are our flights and our rental car."
From Chiquitita: "I am planning a trip to Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile for a few days in March and would prefer not to rent a car. Can anyone recommend a hosteria/posada (hotel) inside the park that would be accessible by bus from Puerto Natales and be a good location for seeing the major sights of the park?"
From ktl: "Hi, I'm planning to make a day trip from Zurich to Brienz (dropping by in the Ballenberg Open Air Museum). Can anybody give me some pointers as to what else I can do in this vicinity as I'd like to make full use of my day there?"
From J. Jackson: "We have taken the Trafalgar "Tour of France" which was 10 days/9 nights...it was absolutely wonderful."
From paulfr: "We are a 70 year old couple traveling independently for the first time to Israel, arriving November 2,7PM and leaving November 18, 3.30AM."

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