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From stolen bedding to bedbug infestations, these hotel housekeepers have seen it all. Here's what not to do on your next hotel stay.
Hotel housekeepers reveal five easy ways that you can become a better hotel guest.
By the time irate travelers make public pleas for a refund, travel companies may have already given back the money. Before complaining, remember to check your credit card statements.
Find out the prime months for viewing fall foliage in Vermont, Colorado, Arizona, and more. Plus, discover some of the most scenic drives and best leaf-peeping routes around the U.S.
Save about $150 with this five-night Tokyo package, which includes airfare, hotel, and a half-day city tour.
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Sunrise in Maine Sunrise in Maine
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Reader's Voice
From chenerbeaner: "We'll be in Rome for two weeks. Should we take a small netbook with us? If we have Wi-Fi, will we be able to access our AOL account? Will the text appear in English?"
From Bronson: "Is the custom in Spain the same as in the U.S. to leave a tip in a hotel room for the cleaning people? If so, how much is customary?"
From hazellen: "My friend -- an active, young 70 -- is looking for a round-the-world tour for about 2 months duration. She doesn't want a luxury trip, nor is she into roughing it. Any ideas?"
From Travelingforever: "I'm looking to spend a year traveling. Compared to other sites, www.wwoof.org and www.workaway.info seem too good to be true. Anyone used them?"

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