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Announcements of new sales and discount fares continue to stream into our inbox here at Frommers.com. Today we're here to tell you about current savings for flitting about within Texas, more cheap fares to Europe for solo travelers, as well a two-for-one for couples and groups discounts, and a special to the Land Down Under.
We've praised them time and again for coming up with some of the absolute best deals to be found anywhere for getting to Europe on a budget. And just because you're saving big money, it doesn't mean you have to give up a lick of comfort in your accommodations. Today, we want to tell you about five of their incredible bargains for off-season travel to the continent.
Cosmos, known for its good value vacations, has just issued its 2003 brochure on Exotic Destinations, some costing as little as $174 a day, including airfare, and it behooves you to consider studying it a bit.
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From pvbooster: "I'm thinking of bidding for a package that I've seen on Ebay for travel. I have looked seriously at it before and also at SkyAuction and bid4vacations. My fear is that I'll have to change planes 3 or 4 times to get from the Midwest to Puerto Vallarta or Europe or Caribbean. Has anyone had any experiences with auctioned air travel?"
From William Cameron: "How can one tip an airline employee who has extended extraordinary service e.g. provided a free first class upgrade, etc without getting them into trouble?"
From Josie Abrams: "Two weeks I ago I flew on a Northwest / KLM flight from Detroit to Amsterdam. Standing in line in front of me to board the plane was a young, caucasian, seemingly American man. He was dressed in a peculiar fashion - a costume-party take on Muslim dress is what it looked like."
From Penny: "Normally, hubby and I stopover on Oahu on our way to kauai, but this time we took our interisland flight on Maui. We stayed a few night, did the hana highway and the old lahaina town. Though they were charming and fun, i failed to see the attraction of Maui."
From Becky Rebec: "A family group recently went on our fifth white water rafting trip. We went with Laurel Highlands in Ohiopyle, PA. I do not recommend using them. We go once a year--always with a guide in the raft. Their interpretation of "guided" means a few guides (in their own rafts) will go beside 20 rafts full of people and yell and gesture with their arms which way you are supposed to manuever through the rapids."

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